Posted by: nandan1herlekar | May 27, 2010



A goal to be achieved is never invisible! One has to open the eyes, wide enough to know the destination! All great things are scattered over the arena, waiting to be touched by the worthy hands that you have owned. The creator has given strong hands and a stronger mind to tread the path undeterred! Begin the journey NOW by taking the first step towards the unknown distance to be covered. The goal itself will reciprocate and will take the first step towards you. It will fall in love with you by the boldness you have shown in expressing the love towards it. Do not wait for any astrologer for the advice in choosing the auspicious day to begin the sweet but hard journey. The rendezvous is fixed the moment you have begun the journey!




  1. Agreement diffranciates we ONE…

    • See my article on the blog on Pt. Bhimsen Joshi

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